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tracking your period

Tracking Your Cycle

tracking your period


Why do we give ourselves such a hard time?

You know the days when we have no energy, feel sluggish, aren’t focused, have stomach cramps, nauseous, headaches, snappy – the list can go on. Why do we beat ourselves up for not doing all of the things when we don’t feel like it?


We need to take control of our bodies. Patriarchy suppressed our feminine energy, our feminine power. In the man’s world we tried to cover up our pain and carry on, feeling a failure, feeling ashamed.. Ashamed of our pain, of our blood, of our bodies.

We feel self conscious in case we get blood on something during menstruation, or if our stomach is bloated. We are judged for being emotional when our hormones change.. emotional, not crazy.

We’re taught to judge our bodies and not listen to the messages from our biological systems that communicate with us and tell us what we need. We listen to the mind which is logical and programmed with beliefs, rather than listening to our womb heart.

We have two hearts.. the actual heart and the womb heart. The womb is the mother of our bodies, we are our own mother within.


It’s time to take back your power – to talk to yourself with kindness and to understand YOUR body.

We need to tune in, listen and develop an intimate relationship with our own bodies. We need to stop ignoring the messages. They aren’t for no reason, they are telling us something.

We need to surrender to the fact that every month we have the opportunity to release and let go.


There are 4 phases of our cycle. We are nature and our bodies behave as nature.

We have seasons within our body.

Winter –  Menstruation, the beginning of your cycle when your hormones are low. You are low on energy, unfocused, low mood.. It’s the time to rest.

Spring – pre ovulation towards the end of your period. You feel an energy lift, you start to become in.. your.. power. You go into I want to get shit done mode. You’re becoming focused and you are ready to roll.

Summer – Ovulation… POWER, you feel good and horny, right?

Autumn – the pre menstrual part – this is going to differ between people depending on how your period is, what symptoms you get, you might feel the need to organise and get stuff done ready for winter. You might have PMT, sore boobs etc.

Track your cycle!!!

It’s the best thing I ever started. It really is the best way to get to know you. How your body works. What she wants, why, where..

I understand how the food I eat, the mood I’m in, the energy I feel is all connected.

You are not going to be in summer all fucking month. Once you understand this you can plan ahead – you can stop feeling guilty.

Make your notes for that meeting, interview or whatever that falls in Autumn, Winter and when you can’t focus as good. Prepare for these times in Spring/Summer.

As a woman it is impossible to always feel high energy and focused and that is okay.


Download a period app to your phone and know where you’re at!

I know what food I want.. when I’ll crave carbs.. when I’ll crave greens and with that new understanding of your body comes less food guilt.

Here’s what I’ve learnt since I started tracking my cycle…

My symptoms start around 12 days before I’m due on..

I start to crave carbs and I get hot in the night..

About 7 days before I go off certain foods, sometimes feel a bit nauseous and I want to get stuff done.

5 days before slight stomach cramps, energy levels drop, I find it harder to wake and get up in the mornings, it’s harder to focus.

3 days I become irritable, tearful, I crave green juices.

Days 1 and 2 of my period.. can’t focus at all, tired, drained.

Day 4 I become back on my mission..

Etc.. Repeat..


Self love is heavily spoken about now on social media but to truly self love, you have to understand yourself.

Also our consciousness for this is also not just for women, it is important for men to know about and understand this too. Not only to allow our feminine energy to be free and celebrated like it was years ago but they too also passed through a womb at some point.



Hand on your womb heart..

‘Thank you for blessing me with the honour and precious gift of the feminine. I am open, beautiful and wise. I honour and appreciate myself. I let go of what doesn’t serve me. I love, forgive and respect myself.’