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matcha latte

Matcha Latte

matcha latte


So what are the benefits of Matcha?

Matcha is packed full with antioxidants! It’s rich in chlorophyll, fibre, zinc and magnesium. It boosts your metabolism and detoxifies the body naturally, to name a few of the benefits!

The thing is many of us have become dependable on our good friend coffee. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good coffee and have one most mornings when I get up before I do anything else. I also love to have a nice coconut milk latte whilst catching up with friends or an Iced latte whilst having a wander around a city, but really we don’t want to be coffee addicted, so..

Matcha is classed as a powerful superfood used by Japanese Buddhist Monks way before it became trendy. It was used as a meditation ritual within the Buddhist monk community.

Too many coffee’s give you the jitters and that spike in energy that then causes a crash. If you don’t get the jitters from a strong or too many coffee’s then your body is used to it and that’s not a good thing!

However the nervous system remains calm with Matcha, whilst also activating your metabolism and giving you that needed energy boost.

It’s believed to have cancer fighting effects, support our immune systems, have anti-aging benefits and support our brain health.. helping us with concentration and our focus levels.

Therefore it’s much more nutritious than coffee.

Make sure you get a pure organic brand to use though as you don’t want it to come with sugar and nasties in and defeat the plentiful health benefits.


How to make..

Simply does it..

Just blend a teaspoon of matcha with your favourite dairy free milk. I love Innocent Coconut milk for this..

Blend and heat on a low heat..


For an iced latte.. blend and pour over ice..

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