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Tanya is a Certified health coach and transformational mentor who specialises in helping women break the pattern of toxic relationships that are damaging to their self worth. It is her mission to help women that are struggling with low self worth due to toxic relationships to create a true friendship with themselves so that they can live a life of fulfilment and freedom.

Tanya helps women to learn how to accept and love themselves by making positive changes and gain more confidence with who they are so they can get rid of toxic relationships for good.
Tanya does this through mindset and healthy living advice.

Tanya is best known for her delicious plant based recipes as she believes what we eat truly has an affect on how we feel, whilst also expressing the importance of balance and guilt free eating.
She also creates recipes with busy lifestyles in mind.


Work with Tanya

Tanya offers 1:1 coaching

Are you constantly at the bottom of the priority list?

Do you feel like you have a bigger purpose in life but are feeling stuck?

Are you surrounded by negative energy?

Are you craving deeper/better relationships?

Do you lack confidence?

Are you fed up with feeling tired throughout the day?

Do you lack energy?

Are you sick of fad diets and counting calories?


 If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will benefit from working with me.

My program is designed for people who want long term fulfilment and happiness.

I understand about busy lifestyles and not having much time. I am a single parent with two kids..


Working with me means that you are not alone. I am here to support you.

I’ve been at rock bottom.. I want my coaching program to be affordable for those who need it.

Therefore my 12 week program is priced at just £397.


Get in touch