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Hi, I’m Tanya. Single mom and transformational health coach…

Well, what a journey I’ve been on! What started as finding ways to cater for my sons food allergies, turned into a complete life transformation for myself.

I believe and know because I’ve done it myself, that we can completely transform our lives when we work with love and compassion on the relationship that we have with ourselves.. That is after all the most important relationship of them all.

Self love, self honour, self trust, listening and tuning in with ourselves, all play a vital part in the life we create… Yes we are the creators, the author of our stories..

I am a certified health coach, I did my training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.. This means that yes, I can and will help you with nutrition as nutrition is important, but it’s the wisdom of self learning and un-learning that really excites me. The complete self nourishment!

I can help you to change the way you think and feel with tips and techniques to get deep to your root and soul.

I love supporting others with their health and wellbeing as there was a time when I needed someone to help me. My coaching comes from real life experience. I didn’t just read some books or study a course. I lived it. I was well and truly at rock bottom.

Living in a world where everything is rammed on to us, we become worryingly very disconnected from ourselves. We lose sense of who we truly are and become distracted by things that aren’t important.

Who are we really?.. Underneath all the layers….

What do we really want, love, desire, need?

What feelings are we suppressing?

WHY are we repeating the same toxic cycles and unhealthy patterns?

Where did the bad habits come from? Whether that be self loathing, emotional eating, drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex, whatever your bad habit is.. when did it start and why?

What are we holding inside our heart and wombs that is affecting our choices and decisions?

You won’t find true happiness on a diet…

You won’t find true happiness after a drink or drug session..

You won’t find true happiness because of someone else..

You won’t find true happiness in a shop..

For lasting happiness – not just a quick fix, you’ve got to go deep inside the depths of you.

You are the one!

So.. with a bit of help from me.. Let’s step in to your divine feminine super power shall we??!


Tanya xo